Keep your dog looking amazing…

Full Groom

From simple nail clipping to a full nose to tail groom, pedigree or crossbreed, care and attention to detail is given to each and every dog.

A professional groom means

Clean & Healthy

All dogs are bathed, blown dried and styled to breed standard or to individual styles or requirements.

Consideration is always taken for your dogs lifestyle, age, skin and coat condition but also to the time, you, as their owner can commit to coat care in-between visits to The Dog House.

From young puppies to seniors, everyone is welcome but unfortunately due to our current facilities we are unable to groom large breeds such as GSD’s, Newfoundlands, Malamutes etc.

For puppies we offer our Puppy School Package which is great to get the ‘high maintenance’ breeds used to the grooming procedure from an early age. If Puppy School is not for you or your puppy, then do please contact me for an alternative approach for getting your puppy used to being professionally groomed.

With over 30 years’ experience in the grooming industry, we specialise in working with nervous or timid dogs. Time is taken with these dogs to develop trust and confidence. Extra time is allocated for puppies and elderly dogs.

Prices vary depending on breed, temperament, condition of coat and frequency of visits. Dematting and knot removal is very time consuming, therefore will result in higher grooming fees. An exact price, if required, will be given following a consultation, which is free.

A Full Groom consists of:


Warm Water Bath

in shampoo / conditioner for coat type and condition


Blow Dry



either by trimming / clipping / scissoring to owners preference (we are happy to advise if unsure)


Nail Trim


Ears Cleaned

Price Guide



(Pug / French Bulldog / Smooth Coat Dachshund etc)



(Lhasa Apso /  Shih Tzu / Cavipoo / Min. Schnauzer / WHWT etc)



(Cavapoo / Cocker Spaniel / Poodle / Border Collie etc)



(Labradoodle / Goldendoodle / Rough Collie / Bearded Collie etc)

You may find that your dogs nails need clipping to avoid any discomfort when walking. Like grooming, it’s usually best to leave nail clipping to the experts as dogs’ nails have a ‘quick’ containing nerve endings and blood supply, and cutting into this can be a really painful experience for them. Here at The Dog House we’re trained to clip your dog’s nails quickly and safely,