Terms & Conditions

It is the owner’s responsibility to inform me of any changes to your dogs health or temperament. All data is confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Terms & Conditions

Welfare – your dogs health, welfare and happiness are my primary concern whilst in my care. For this reason, please DO NOT bring your dog if they are unwell. A dog will only be groomed within their tolerance and/or capability of the grooming procedure. If your dog becomes unwell, aggressive or uncomfortable during the groom I reserve the right to end the groom and offer an alternative solution. Please note if the groom is halted for health/behaviour the full cost of the groom will still be charged.

FleasFleas are not welcome in The Dog House. If you think your dog may have fleas, please advise me before your appointment. If fleas are found upon your dog an extra £10 will be charged for insecticidal shampoo and deep cleaning of The Dog House.

Neglected/Matted Coats – depending on the severity of the mats it may be necessary to clip the coat very short as grooming out a neglected coat is just not fair on the dog. If clipping off is necessary, I will advise on the possible outcomes that may happen after the groom. I will discuss with you in depth, prior to removing the coat, what is necessary and why; you are under no obligation to go ahead with the groom. If you are unsure as to the condition of your dogs coat please ask for a consult before attending an appointment.

Normal Condition – it is assumed that you will bring your dog in a ‘reasonable’ condition, which means that you groom your dog at home regularly between visits to a groomer and that your dog will arrive for their appointment in an unmatted state. Any condition other than normal will most probably take me longer to groom and will therefore incur additional charges.

Pricing – prices are quoted as a starting from, this is based on dogs who are well socialised to the grooming procedure and visit regularly according to the time scale advised. The dogs coat must be well maintained between grooms. You can expect to be charged more if your dog is any of the following:- matted, poorly maintained, difficult to manage/uncooperative, aggressive, overweight or larger than the usual for their breed. A quote will be given at the time of booking an appointment, but this can alter once the dog is assessed in person – this will of course be agreed before the groom commences.

Cancellations – please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment so that I can offer this time slot to someone else – less than 24 hours notice will incur a £20 charge.

No Shows – If you fail to show up for an appointment £20 will be charged and a 50% deposit will be requested to secure your next appointment. Free reminder texts are available if requested.

Late Collections – I am delighted that I am able to offer a crate free environment at The Dog House but this is only possible if dogs are collected on time i.e within 30 minutes of call/text to say your dog is ready to go home. If this is not possible, please notify me prior to your appointment or at the very least when you drop your dog off.

Aggressive Dogs – we do not accept dogs who do not tolerate the grooming procedure and resort to biting – if you fail to notify me of this prior to an appointment the groom will be stopped, and you will be charged in full.

Groom Feedback – if you are not entirely happy with any aspect of your dogs groom then please let me know ASAP. I will be more than happy to put right any styling issues you may have.

Please make sure your dog has been walked and toileted before attending your appointment, for their sake and mine.