Taking care of your older dog…

OAP Club

The OAP club is not so much a club that the dogs join but rather naturally progress to in their older years.

Grooming considerations for

Older Dogs

For dogs over 10 years old, we just exchange thoughts at each appointment on how they are approaching their twilight years.

Some are like Peter Pan and never seem to change, others slow down sooner but each one is different and needs that individual approach.

In senior years they may begin to lose their sight or their hearing or their joints may ache a little more than before and all this can be quite sudden or happen gradually. If you notice changes happening at home, then please do tell me so that the grooming session can be altered to accommodate these changes; for example, they may be unsure where the edge of the grooming table is, or the grooming equipment may sound different and by making slight adjustments I can make this more comfortable for them.

During this time, we may need to make changes to their usual grooming routine; this may mean more frequent visits so that their groom is more of a trim or tidy rather than a full groom all in one go. Having elderly dogs myself I know that they may be a little slower than before, need a break from the grooming table to stretch their legs, have a drink or go outside for a comfort break… whatever they need, here at The Dog House we can, of course, accommodate.